Now we also say „Moin“ at TE-SYSTEMS!

Now we also say „Moin“ at TE-SYSTEMS!

With the start of the new year, TE-SYSTEMS now has a new branch office in the beautiful seaside city of Hamburg, Germany, in addition to our main office in Wolfsburg, Germany and our other branch office in the Boston area.

We are growing our company to meet the growing demands of the IP telecom market to better serve our customers and partners. Not only did we add an office, we added a highly experienced sales professional who’s an “old hand” in the IP business, Michael Stelling. Along with Bjoern Ihle, another experienced professional, Michael is responsible for growing our anynode partner base and maintaining strong ties with our valued partners.

“We did the next step of adding an office in Hamburg, one of the IT hubs in Germany”

Unsere hanseatischen Ansprechpartner: Björn Ihle und Michael Stelling (v.l.)

After a thorough search for the right location for a new office, we found just the right spot in the thriving city of Hamburg. Since the 2nd of January, 2018, our Hamburg office, perfectly located at Mittelweg 144 near the famous section of Rothenbaumchaussee, is open and ready to support all our customers. With the opening of this office, we now have a stronger presence in the north of Germany and are more available to our customer base in the area.

We are ready to take on more challenges and turn them into successes, with this new location. We are now in an optimal position to support further growth of our company and to support our partners’ and customers’ growth as well, moving into 2018 and beyond. We can now better address new opportunities as they arise and turn them into solutions to benefit our customers. “, Bjoern Ihle mentioned, leader of our Partner sales Team & Business development at TE-SYSTEMS GmbH.

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Mittelweg 144
20148 Hamburg

phone: +49 5363 / 8 195-0