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TE-SYSTEMS can reflect on more than 30 successful years in software development for telecommunications – while always looking forward and focusing on innovation and optimal functionality. The gained protocol expertise in the VoIP area through XCAPI during this development was a significant factor in developing anynode. anynode is a Session Border Controller that is entirely a software-based solution. It works as an interface for any number of SIP UAs, converts port and directory information, provides security, routes session traffic, and rewrites call numbers. With Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing and anynode, you can connect to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party PBX equipment. This SIP-to-SIP gateway reinforces the importance of TE-SYSTEMS as a specialist in the area of VoIP protocols, virtualization, and real-time processing on Windows and Linux-based platforms. Making complexity easy is what TE-SYSTEMS is all about.