Our online training program consists of 3 sessions to get you thoroughly familiar with our anynode all-software SBC.

Every student have access to his own Azure VM to reproduce all training steps.

This training is aimed at people who have little to no experience in the installation, configuration and day-to-day administration of anynode. It is also aimed at those wanting to join the anynode Partner Program as a certified anynode partner, as being trained on anynode is a requirement for partnership.


Please note that we recommend to book a 2 days on-site training if you speak German and you can travel to our training location in Wolfsburg. We are working also on more locations with different languages.  

We also offer training thru certified anynode partners.

Training Goals

You will attend the online anynode academy by joining a Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business meeting and logging into your own VM in Azure to go through the training. In the meeting, the instructor will lead you through the training, with an emphasis on increasing your level of skill and comfort with anynode to perform installations and configurations 100% independently as soon as possible. Students of anynode® basic training will be able to connect SIP providers and/or IP-enabled PBXs to Microsoft Skype for Business or Teams quickly and successfully upon course completion. Self-defined routes will be created and set up, as well as a review of the installation. All attendees will learn to use the tools integrated within anynode® – for installation, analysis, administration and call/performance statistics collection. In addition, all students attending the training will learn to utilize the TE-SYSTEMS community to find all documentation needed to support their use of anynode®, as well as the anynode software itself.


We can arrange the training to fit your busy schedule, so that you have an opportunity to go through all of the modules. Thank you for your interest in anynode and we hope to see you in one of our training sessions soon--virtually!


Fundamentals of IP protocols (IP address, DHCP, DNS)
Fundamentals in Voice over IP
Own Laptop (Windows OS)
Tablet or Phone with MS Teams App
Unlimited internet access (no blocked ports, no Web Proxy)

How much does training cost?

The cost of anynode Basic Training Program is $900 per participant.


The entire training material is in English. Communication between participants and trainer will take place according to the preference of the participant either in German or English.


Session 1

Session Border Controller Overview
anynode Installation
Introduction to anynode
anynode Initial Configuration

Session 2

anynode and XCAPI
TLS and Certificates  
Microsoft Teams
System Monitoring with anynode

Session 3

LDAP-based Routing
Your Feedback on anynode academy


Due to the small number of students we instruct at any given time in the online academy, it is possible to discuss many different anynode® scenarios and to work on specific examples that students have encountered in their real-world experiences. Special attention is given to enabling seamless interaction among different SIP endpoints.

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