anynode 4.6 offers again many
new features and improvements

Many features that improve working with anynode in every respect and increase performance and security for your customer projects.

Release_4_6_User Interface_Improvments

Form follows function and enables knowledge

We have significantly improved the user interface of anynode, even more improved. Among other things, by explanatory notes by “hovering” over small question marks directly in the software.
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Further enhancements on board as standard

Currently not available.


System stability is purely a matter of attitude!

Define important routines for the takeover of a secondary anynode system with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
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Release_4_6_Enhanced Dial String Rewriting and Tagging

Maintain the overview!

Classify incoming calls with tags you define yourself, to apply appropriate rules in the further course of routing.
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Routing: full database ride ahead!

Dynamic routing via Route Supervision with the REST server is now also possible for SQL databases and Azure and Active Directories.
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Release_4_6_Proxy Server Support

Privacy with internet connection

With the new version 4.6. anynode now also supports the connection to the Internet via proxy servers – without creating any potential security gaps in the process.
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Release_4_6_Support of numverify and realphone

Focus on the essentials!

Save time and unnecessary costs by supporting “Number Verification” in Route Supervision.
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Release_4_6_E911 Emergency Call with ELIN Support

Available in any case

ELIN is used to determine the location of the emergency number caller based on the current location of the MS Teams client.
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Release_4_6_REST API-enhancement

It’s not only magic!

The integration of anynode into existing backends via the REST API interface enables a whole range of configuration and readout options without accessing the anynode frontend.
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Release_4_6_SQL integration and dynamic User Directories

Data Input Easy Mode

anynode can now receive information from SQL databases – in addition to Azure and Active Directories.
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