Trace Analyzer

A proprietary tool with easy-to-use diagnostic that is ready to go and free of charge

The anynode Trace Analyzer is a single tool that offers an easy-to-use diagnostic with a fast resolution for on-site engineers all the way to the core developers of anynode.

Visual reference for the analysis. The time of the call connection when the call is accepted is visible via a marker.

The Trace Analyzer integrates an overview of all traced sessions, a concise presentation of the SIP message flow of individual sessions and an RTP stream view which shows details for combined or individual media-flow directions.

And last but not least: it’s built in in every installation of anynode and free of charge.

The 3-way signaling view allows more parties with details to be displayed at the same time.

The trace function of anynode can be easily adjusted with numerous parameters. Especially useful here is the possibility to trace only marked routes. The advantages are greatly reduced file sizes and lower resource consumption. This is particularly the case on systems with many calls if tracing is restricted to a specific number (e.g. a technician’s number).

When anynode works in a distributed scenario with different networks, user rights, and firewalls rules, a single point of administration sometimes needs a more in-depth investigation in case something went wrong. To activate a trace for the anynode’s frontend, you do not need to edit any config files. The activation is next to the standard tracing options of the SIP communication.

Optimizations in the display of SIP messages and performance makes it easier to identify issues.

Advantages of anynode SBC
and New Tracing Options

  1. All tracing actions available in frontend
  2. Enhanced and new messages for analyzing
  3. Optimized performance

Some of the features are part of our new release 4.2 which will soon be available as an update.

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