New Event Filters

Filtering instead of flooding. Use new filter options for the event log and event transport.

With anynode 4.8, entire lists of events can now be included or excluded. With the “Message-Filter” selected events can be written into the event log. This greatly simplifies the search for specific events.

This also applies to the event transport. Here, for example, a specific node can now be determined that triggers an error message in the event of a failure.

With this new feature, the quality and number of event messages can be set individually, so that you can focus on the events that are important to you.

Selection of the Microsoft Teams node for the event transport. If the Teams node fails, an event transport is triggered.


Selection of a message in the Maintenance Mode area from a list of included events.


Event filter on a specific node for the event transport.


Event Log Configuration in the monitor with a list of selectable events.

Advantages of anynode SBC
and New Event Filters

  1. comfortable filter function
  2. multiple conditions for an event transport configurable
  3. determination of a special node for an event transport


anynode is officially certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing that gives our customers the added benefit of worldwide Microsoft support.

In general, with Microsoft Direct Routing and anynode you are able to connect to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party PBX. The most suitable and uncomplicated, easy to use solution for you and your networks that simply works.

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