New Features for Developers


Exciting for developers. In anynode 4.8, Microsoft Teams Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) users in particular will enjoy new supported commands and query capabilities via the REST API.


The integration of anynode into existing backends via the REST API interface enables a whole range of configuration and readout options without accessing the graphical interface.


Using the REST API and PowerShell scripts, anynode configurations can be created, controlled and edited in detail automatically and remotely.


Since our first release with a small set of commands, we have added more flexibility to our REST API and PowerShell library. In anynode 4.8, Microsoft Teams Survivable Branch Appliance (SBA) users in particular will enjoy new commands and query capabilities. However, generally useful new functions in the area of dial string rewriting and routing domain are also supported.


New features have been added to SBA requests:



    • Switch SBA on/off


    • Query SBA status


    • PowerShell module with new SBA functions 



SBA Webhook:



    • SBA users can now be called via /api/sba/users/get.
      The PowerShell call for this is Get-anynodeSbaUsers.


    • SBA users can now be updated via /api/sba/users/refresh.
      The PowerShell call to do this is Update-anynodeSbaUsers.



About api/dashboard/get/ are now also read out:



    • networkControllers


    • ldapDirectories


    • numberValidationRouteSupervision


    • azureActiveDirectories


    • restClientRouteSupervision


    • directoryRouteSupervisions



Added new functions to search and mute forwarded session recordings. For a description, see the “Mute / Umute Media Recording” chapter.



    • Function /api/forwardedSessionRecording/lookupByLocalSessionIdentification” added.


    • Function “/api/forwardedSessionRecording/setMute” added



New supported commands for dial string rewriting:



    • Add-anynodeDialStringRewriting


    • Add-anynodeDialStringRewritingRule


    • Clear-anynodeDialStringRewritingRules


    • Export-anynodeDialStringRewritingRules


    • Get-anynodeDialStringRewriting


    • Get-anynodeDialStringRewritings


    • Get-anynodeDialStringRewritingRules


    • Import-anynodeDialStringRewritingRules


    • Remove-anynodeDialStringRewriting


    • Remove-anynodeDialStringRewritingRule


    • Set-anynodeDialStringRewriting


    • Set-anynodeDialStringRewritingRules



New supported commands for routing domains:



    • Copy-anynodeRoute


    • Disable-anynodeRoutingDomainProceedingSignal


    • Disable-anynodeRoutingDomainRouteInMaintenance


    • Enable-anynodeRoutingDomainProceedingSignal


    • Enable-anynodeRoutingDomainRouteInMaintenance


Scripting of anynode with REST API, PowerShell or Bash

Retrieving the SBA configuration via PowerShell, e.g., the tenant ID.

Retrieving the SBA configuration via PowerShell [Get-anynodeMsTeamsSba].

Advantages of anynode SBC
and New Features for Developers



    1. Integration of existing backends


    1. Automation of processes


    1. Sample scripts included


    1. PowerShell plugin with REST API functions available


    1. Constant extension of supported functions





anynode is officially certified by Microsoft for Direct Routing that gives our customers the added benefit of worldwide Microsoft support.


In general, with Microsoft Direct Routing and anynode you are able to connect to almost any telephony trunk or interconnect with third-party PBX. The most suitable and uncomplicated, easy to use solution for you and your networks that simply works.

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