anynode and Microsoft Teams

Starting end of June 2018 Microsoft Phone System Direct Routing is now generally available. Direct Routing allows you to connect to Microsoft Cloud using nothing more than a SIP trunk and an SBC.

For customers who have to manage the infrastructure like a existing PBX or Voice Services on-premises this will be their optimal choice. 

The benefits of Direct Routing

A list of supported PBXs is available here: anynode® Interoperability List
This list includes all major PBX vendors like Cisco, Avaya, Unify or Mitel and is updated every month.

Keep your phone numbers and plans without changing your provider. Porting your phone number to a new provider can end up in a crisis.

It could be collocated on existing hardware investments like your datacenter. 

The latest release of anynode® and documentation is available in our “community” area of the web site:; a free registration is required. The community also provides access to comprehensive documentation to configure anynode® with the various PBXs available.