Introducing anynode 1.23

Introducing anynode 1.23

The new anynode Version 1.23 is now available for download and takes along great innovations:

anynode “SIP User Agent” configuration: More options, more power.

Starting with this version of anynode, many more detailed options are available for configuring SIP messages in the anynode “SIP User Agent” configuration area, e.g., advertising support for a greater number of SIP RFCs. Administrators now have far greater control in how anynode utilizes the options provided in the SIP protocol.

Our new, more powerful anynode Trace Analyzer now provides insight into RTP audio data.

The anynode Trace Analyzer now has a separate audio tab which extracts and interprets audio data from the all RTP audio streams that are present in one session. The audio data is presented via graphs for an easy to understand visual of the audio portion of the session. In one easy glance, one can see whether audio was received, or if there was just silence—you can even tell if there were “stutters” in the audio. The graph has a zoom feature that enables you to focus on specific points in time and diagnose them more thoroughly. You can play back the audio on your sound-enabled computer. You can also export the audio stream data for more detailed analysis in third-party tools. A bonus feature is the ability to overlay events onto the graph to see additional information like packet loss, jitter, DTMF digits, comfort noise, etc.—even when sessions were encrypted.

anynode Trace Analyzer Audiodarstellung mit Packet Loss Overlay

These are only some of the great new features in anynode 1.23. We invite you to download a copy from our community and see all the great new things for yourself. We know you’ll love it!