anynode 2.2 – your personal highlight

anynode 2.2 – your personal highlight

Our new version of anynode 2.2, is the next step in the evolution of our software SBC—and we’re sure our current and new customers will find it irresistible! It enables you to work even more effectively, to analyze more about your environment while making it easier to do so, and to show even more real-time information during calls.

Your “personal” wizard

In this version of anynode, we have integrated a powerful LDAP wizard that auto-detects the available LDAP servers in an Active Directory environment. Once an LDAP server is detected, it shows the certificate of the selected server to enable encrypted communications. After exchanging credentials, the connection to the LDAP server can be tested.  The wizard will even detect if it is a standard AD environment or if a Skype for Business installation is present. Specific templates for integrating into these respective environments are then auto-selected to ease the configuration even further.

Your “personal” analyst

Many improvements have been made in the area of tracing and analysis. Now, the anynode configuration is made available in the trace file. We address any security concerns by omitting private data (like passwords or private keys) by default. How our trace now presents trace properties, error conditions and other data is now much more prominent and contains even more useful details.

Your “personal” import function

An import functionality has been added for static ”Dialstring” and “User” directories. This enables the easy addition of data into those directories instead of manually typing in each item. Our wizard that we have added for this functionality guides the user through all the steps, and allows a  granular level of configurability to be able to interoperate with various csv files.

Your “personal” information flow

This version of anynode allows more flexibility in terms of configuring  what information is forwarded during calls between different nodes. This can be on an abstract layer, all the way down to the SIP layer.

anynode 2.2 – ready to download in our TE-SYSTEMS Community.