New anynode version 4.10 beta

New anynode version 4.10 beta

We are pleased to announce the release of the brand new version 4.10 of anynode. This update brings a number of new features and functionality.

With anynode 4.10, you now have the opportunity to leverage the support of Let’s Encrypt and other ACME services. This solution enables easy certificate management with automation capabilities for continuous certificate updates – for both new and existing configurations alike. Enjoy the highest level of security and privacy for your communication.

Another exciting addition is the Azure AD Login. This feature allows for a single sign-on experience, allowing users to authenticate themselves with applications and services hosted in the Microsoft Cloud while simultaneously logging into anynode. One significant advantage is the use of Microsoft account’s Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), increasing security and protection against unauthorized access.

SIPREC is another remarkable feature introduced in anynode 4.10. With this functionality, anynode provides a solution to record voice calls over SIP endpoints such as phones and PBXs using third-party applications, allowing for later analysis or archiving.

The Supervision Call Forking feature enables you to trigger dynamic call forking. The targets can be determined using an external supervision server or another database source such as SQL, LDAP, or Azure AD.

As another enhancement, anynode 4.10 seamlessly integrates the popular Zoom Phone Provider Exchange platform by Zoom. This integration enables you to select PSTN provider partners and utilize telephone services through Zoom Phone.

Be at the forefront of communication technology and discover the new features and capabilities of anynode 4.10. Get inspired by the possibilities and share your experiences with us. The new version 4.10 of anynode is now available as a beta in our community for download. Click here for further information and details.