A whole bunch of new Features with version 3.20

A whole bunch of new Features with version 3.20

We are pleased to introduce our latest version of anynode, our Software SBC. Version 3.20 comes with a whole bunch of great new features.

Following some brief notes at a glance. 

Media Recording

Media recording is necessary in many businesses and institutions. They are important for quality assurance and for the legal protection of contracts or terminations. Even verbally confirmed contracts can be documented and archived. 

  • for legal evidence on threatening phone calls
  • Measuring and securing service ans call quality
  • Process and quality optimization
  • Training and coaching


Azure Active Directory Support

anynode 3.20 has some improvements for Microsoft’s cloud-based identity and access management service Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). So the anynode Directory Assistant makes it easy to look up Azure dial strings in just a few clicks. 


Rest API Server

Nothing is more powerful than the integration in existing backends. With just a few API calls you can script or manage anynode without any access to the frontend. Export the configuration and Call History for backup reasons. 


Route Supervision

The Route Supervision feature can help you to minimize administration effort. To meet requirements from customers, larger sizes of routing tables are needed. This tables are difficult to create and maintain. 


Improved Trace Analyzer

You can analyze SIP signaling flows with the anynode Trace Analyzer, in order to troubleshoot issues quickly and effectively when using anynode within your VoIP infrastructure. 

The main advantage to using the Trace Analyzer over conventional developer tools is that it is one single tool that can be, and is, used by everyone, from on-site administrators, all the way up to the core developers of anynode here at TE-SYSTEMS.