True all-rounders – together simply unbeatable

anynode and the XCAPI are two powerful stand-alone software products which represent a high level of compatibility in their application areas. Together they are a winning team. To use anynode and XCAPI in one project is possible and useful! And this is how it works: anynode and XCAPI have to be installed on the same computer. Your application always communicates with XCAPI and XCAPI communicates via a permanent SIP connection on the local computer with anynode. And anynode establishes the connection to a provider or to your PBX. Simple and good!


In case that the XCAPI by itself does not connect with a special provider or PBX, anynode is able to connect almost every standard on the market. The high interoperability of anynode to most PBX’s and providers makes this possible – for example to Microsoft Lync.

Optimized Call Transfer

If the used PBX does not support real call transfer, anynode and XCAPI together are able to implement a highly optimized call transfer instead of using the simulated call transfer of the XCAPI. Because anynode and XCAPI together optimize the media flow with the effect of path replacement for media channels and in most cases for signaling channels as well.

Multiple Registration

The team allows more: of course, multiple registrations are possible by using the XCAPI, but with the additional installation of anynode you can enhance these multiple registration possibilities. This makes anynode and XCAPI a winning team which gives you the highest level of flexibility. Multiple registration on different remote stations – no problem for anynode and XCAPI.

Manipulation and Routing

Together anynode and XCAPI are routing your calls exactly where you want them. Manipulation of call numbers and routing are easily performed by our product team of anynode and XCAPI.

Complex Codecs

The combination of anynode and XCAPI makes it a piece of cake to connect via complex codecs as for example the internet codec OPUS. Wherever XCAPI reaches its limits, anynode supplements impressively in order to connect using complex codecs – quickly and easily.

Integrated Session Border Controller

In pure SIP environments, which become increasingly common, anynode functions as a conventional Session Border Controller – besides all the other mentioned advantages.