anynode Advanced Online

This online training is aimed at people who have already participated in the anynode Basic Online training (advanced training) and have sound prior knowledge in the use and handling of anynode.
Learn in this training how to perform complex installations and scenarios independently and become an anynode specialist.

Training target 

The training offers a deeper introduction to the core components and is primarily aimed at users and specialists with experience who have already attended the anynode basic training. The goal is to handle complex functions even more confidently in day-to-day business.

Among other things, the topics registrar functions, transport connections, extended routing options and extended analysis options are covered in depth. A detailed list of training content can be found below.

In addition, content learned in the anynode basic training course is integrated into the exercises and tips and tricks for everyday work are taught. This training can also address topics that are of particular interest to the participants.

Current dates

The following are the current dates of the upcoming online trainings. We look forward to meeting you soon in one of our online trainings.

The duration of the training depends on your booked training:

  • For US/International: 2 days, 8 hours per day
  • For Asia/Pacific: 3 days, 4 ½ hours per day
  • For Europe: 3 days, 4 ½ hours per day

Please note the time zone and summer and wintertime. The Eastern Standard Time (EST) is used during fall and winter. It starts from the first Sunday of November until the middle of the second Sunday in March. Clocks switch into the Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) on the second Sunday of March.

  • July 19, 20 – 9:00am-5:00pm EDT (for the USA/International)
  • August 30, 31, September 1 – 7:00pm-11:30pm EDT (for Asia/Pacific)
  • September 6, 7, 8 – 7:00am-11:30am EDT (for Europe, 1:00pm-5.30pm CET/MEZ)


  • Participation in anynode Basic training

  • Users with previous experience with anynode in installation, analysis, administration and statistics

   Number of participants

The number of participants for the anynode Advanced Online Training is limited to six participants per training.


The cost of anynode Advanced Online Training is USD 690,-  per participant and is paid in advance by invoice.

   Material required

  • a desktop PC or laptop

  • an additional monitor to enable parallel work in different systems

  • a webcam, which must be switched on during the training to ensure interactive work – otherwise participation is not possible

  • you will need one mobile device, preferably a smartphone, on which to put the Microsoft Teams client. If you have a second mobile device, you can put the innovaphone MyApps client on that, for calls to and from the virtual PBX in the training environment. If you do not have a second mobile device, you can use the browser version of the innovaphone client from your computer or laptop.
  • unlimited internet access (no blocked ports, no web proxy) 


   Last registration

Registrations are possible until one week before the start of the training. If at least four people have not registered by this time, we reserve the right to cancel the training one week in advance. Participants who have registered in advance will be informed and, if necessary, an alternative date will be offered.


The training material is in English. Communication between participants and the trainer will happen according to the preferences of the participants in English.

Training content

Module 1

  • Registrar functions of anynode
  • Registration of SIP terminals to anynode
  • Registration of telephone systems to anynode 

Module 2

  • Transport Connections
  • Multiple registration of phone numbers on one node
  • Outbound load balancing and failover 

Module 3

  • Advanced routing options
  • Manipulation of destination numbers based on source numbers
  • Routing Forward Profile 

Module 4

  • High Availability Active/Passive
  • Setup of two anynode in the cluster
  • Software update and maintenance mode 

Module 5

  • Extended analysis possibilities on the basis of existing traces

Module 6

  • Extended use of conditions

Module 7

  • Reading and setting SIP headers

Module 8

  • Useful hints and practical tips concerning configuration

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