Efficient communication

TE-SYSTEMS’ software Session Border Controller, anynode, allows incompatible SIP-endpoints to communicate with one another seamlessly. Our configuration wizard has many choices to help you configure the different scenarios in which anynode can be used—Skype for Business networks, SIP carriers, SIP gateways and PBXs, or any combination of those. With the robust power of anynode, you can easily manipulate phone numbers, generate session routes, add and integrate LDAP directories, and create secure, encrypted connections. Our wizard templates and range of choices make configuring anynode a snap!

SIP-to-SIP User Agent

Using anynode, multiple SIP UAs can be connected virtually, making communication between incompatible SIP-gateways possible.

Pure Software Solution

anynode is a pure software solution which offers, apart from a simple and quick access to the user interface, many advantages in comparison to basic hardware solutions.


Virtualization in the context of VoIP? Only a software solution like anynode makes it possible. Cluster scenarios are easier to plan and implement. Operation and maintenance costs are less. Installation and upgrades are performed without having to interfere with the hardware, as there is no hardware.

Performance Features

anynode is the ideal solution for your interface to the SIP-to-SIP world. It supports numerous IP infrastructure features. Absent features can for the most part be simulated by anynode making them available to the application as well.


anynode is an ideal partner for all applications. Between 2 and 2000 sessions can be used simultaneously. Several codecs or features can be licensed optionally.

SIP Compatibility

The most important standards on the market are supported. anynode is compatible with the majority of terminal devices of different manufacturers.

Bandwidth Management

Established calls can be adjusted in the codec choice by anynode so that they are adapted to local conditions as much as possible. A bandwidth-saving codec, for example, can be selected for a WAN network with generally narrow bandwidth to help assure the quality of the voice data.


Outstanding reliability, stability and availability are the key requirements for ideal communication in every company. We maintain technological partnerships with communications companies, and we regularly undergo certifications to maintain our cutting edge for our customers.


You are not taking any risks with anynode in terms of security. By using anynode you will be able to change your non-secure VoIP connections into secure connections to guarantee a secure call. anynode may use TLS and SRTP for voice and fax communications, creating a high security environment against attempts of eavesdropping and manipulation.