White Label Advertising Media

Is it already Christmas? Not really, but we still have a few gifts for you to play with: our “White Label Advertising Media” that we exclusively make available only to our best partners … like you.

What is it for? Well, we thought to support you stirring the buzz a little. We want to give you some tools that you can use for your marketing: for your Homepage, for Social Media with some graphic and video posts – even for printing matters.

And the best thing: it looks like it is all yours because we branded it already with your company’s logo, so you do not necessarily have to have it produced yourself expensively!

Le’s start with a very hot topic that we think could also be of interest to your customers:

Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.

Accordingly, we have developed a mini-campaign for you that boldly illustrates that subject: «Plugin Wires to the Cloud and get the PSTN world connected to Microsoft Teams.» 

Just browse through the files below, download it and use it like you want to. Maybe there is something there. Nothing’s mandatory.

What do you say – doesn’t it sound good? Well then? Let’s get back “after a short break”. 🙂

4K Video

( for www, Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter )

Direct Routing / Key Visual 

Wording suggestion for your social media posts:

Plugin wires to the cloud and get your #MicrosoftTeams Eco-System connected to the PSTN World. With #DirectRouting #anynodeSBC, and us to realize. < BitlyURL to your homepage>




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1080 x 1920 px (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram)


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General info on Direct Routing

Direct Routing allows you to connect to Microsoft Cloud using nothing more than a SIP trunk and an SBC. For customers who have to manage the infrastructure like an existing PBX or Voice Services on-premises, this will be their optimal choice. 

anynode is a Session Border Controller that is entirely a software-based solution. It works as an interface for any number of SIP UAs ie; SIP phones, SIP PBXs, and also SIP providers. It converts port and directory information, provides security, routes session traffic, and does manipulation of call numbers.

Let’s connect to Microsoft Cloud using nothing more than a SIP Trunk and a SBC.

Graph «Direct Routing»

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Graph «Session Border Controller»

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Graph «High Availability»

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Graph «Multi Tenancy»

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